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Hot Foot Stomp (Combo) | Kevin Bell


Hot Foot Stomp is an entry into New Orleans style of Jazz, capturing the essence of the Dixieland form in a composition which is not too demanding.

Players: Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Drum kit, Piano, Bass
Duration: 1' 40″
Difficulty: Easy
Audio Sample: Hot Foot Stomp
Sample Score: Score


Hot Foot Stomp is an entry into the Dixieland and New Orleans style of Jazz. It captures the essence of the Dixieland form with this not too demanding composition. The parts are all written out with no improvisation required.
In the Dixieland style of music, one instrument takes the lead (melody) and the other front line instruments play around and compliment the tune.
This piece has a very upbeat and happy feel with its focus on capturing the feel and sound of the early New Orleans Jazz bands.

Instrumentation:Clarinet in Bb
Drum Kit
Bass Guitar

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